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Our easy-to-use calculators are designed to be helpful as you consider your home loan options and investment decisions. Please feel free to give us a call at any time to discuss this...we are here to help.

Home Loan Calculator - How Much Can I Borrow?  Find out how much you can expect to borrow, based on how much you earn and what your current expenses are.  This will also in turn give you an indication of the property value you may be able to afford to buy.

How Much Will Stamp Duty Be? The amount of stamp duty paid will vary from state to state and territory.  The amount of stamp duty payable on your property transaction will be affected by your status as a First Home Buyer or not.  You may find that you could be exempt from the stamp duty payable or the amount may be lowered depending on your individual set of circumstances.

What Will My Loan Repayments Be?  Find out how much your loan repayments would be for any borrowed amount, using different interest rates and loan terms.

Split Loan Calculator - You may be undecided about whether to take out a fixed rate loan or a variable rate loan.  There are many loan products available which will allow you to actually split the loan amount between both a fixed and a variable rate portion.  This can provide you with the security and certainty of the fixed rate plus the flexibility of the variable loan. Use this mortgage calculator to work out different options for splitting your home loan.

Property Value Estimator - Investing in property can be exciting, fun and rewarding!  In the course of owning a property you will experience periods of growth and market corrections.  It is important to take the long term view when buying real estate.  This home loan calculator let’s you work out different scenarios based on different growth rates and periods.

Loan Comparison Calculator – deciding on different lenders, loan products and structures can be confusing.  That is what we are here for…to do the legwork for you!  But if you want to have a look at two different loans, side by side, please use this mortgage calculator.