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Why You Should Use House of Homeloans & Finance

  • We provide a FREE service to our clients.
  • We do all the running around for you, saving you time and making the task of finding a home loan easy and unconfusing.
  • We are members of the professional broker association, MFAA.
  • Our consultants hold qualifications recognised within the industry and most consultants are degree qualified as well.
  • We offer over 500 products from 30 different lenders.
  • House of Homeloans & Finance has been working in the industry for over six years…we did not just spring up yesterday!
  • We provide you with a written contract for your protection which discloses all commission and payments received
  • We do not sell our own home loans and therefore are not an agent for one lender in disguise
  • All loan recommendations are based on listening to your needs, which are then analysed using advanced computer software that will provide you with a short list of loans to choose from.We then provide you with a formal comparison of any loans recommended including the upfront and ongoing fees and the comparison rates
  • After your loan is finalised, House of Homeloans & Finance will be available for any further enquiries you may have.
  • House of Homeloans & Finance comply with the Privacy Act to ensure the security of your personal and financial details
  • House of Homeloans & Finance has professional indemnity insurance that will safeguard you in the event of legal action.